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Big project. Might need small team.

Posted by MykertheGeek - March 13th, 2018

I'm planning on making a pilot episode for an animated series. I'm already in the works right now, but the problem with me is that I have lots of great ideas, but when it comes to executing those ideas, I fail miserably. I'm a chronic procrastiholic that makes excuses for himself whenever he gets the chance. And that's not because I want to be "the idea guy" like so many slack-jawed college students dream of, I have been practicing and improving on my drawing and animating, but I severely doubt that this is a project I can finish too quickly. I want to finish it by at least late may this year, so I can promote it at the Armageddon Expo which is on June 2nd this year. I hope it's not a particularly demanding project.
I have a script and some storyboards and rudimentary thumbnail sketches, but that's the most I have done in the almost year-long preproduction of this cartoon. (and by preproduction I mean daydreaming, brainstorming and doodling about it, not to mention revising character designs and artistic choices a ridiculous amount of times). I'm nowhere near a professional, so I don't expect everyone to do their best. This ain't sonic satam, this is aosth.

What I'm going for in terms of animation is something that is cheap and economical, but inventively cheap in a way that's contextually fitting and enhances the comedy, where stuff like smooth, frame heavy, and realistic movements, and on model characters is compromised in favour of flamboyant, over the top, expressive movements, in that special anime (or maybe gmod machinima) kind of way. nothing is sacred. go nuts. have fun with it.
For music, I can probably do that by myself for the most part but I guess I could use a little help giving it that extra flourish and punch to it, and in terms of style I'd like a soundtrack that utilizes vintage keyboards (not unlike Homestar runner) and drum machines and other unconventional instruments alongside standard orchestral vst instruments, with a heavy reliance on character themes and leitmotifs.
Also a decent sound designer would be nice, and for sound effects, it'd be fun to go for a gmod machinma kind of thing on top of the silly cartoon/anime/videogame sound effects.

Once we finish the storyboards and create a rough animatic with my voice as the temp voice, we'll do a casting call for voice-actors, and once they've recorded their lines, we'll start animating.
Sound good?
If not, I honestly do not blame you, but if you wanna give it a shot, hit me up and we can work something out.


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Hello. I saw your post on new grounds that you're looking for help for your game.

I write and never worked for a video game but am willing to learn whatever if you're willing to teach.