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Lookin for a Freindo

Posted by MykertheGeek - December 28th, 2017

I haven't yet made a lot of friends on Newgrounds as of yet, and I'm looking for advice on how I can find somebody who's willing to collaborate and chat with me. I'm 14 years old and I really want to make really cool stuff, but that's been hard, seeing as:

  1.  I don't know exactly what to do and am unsure of how to do it
  2.  I lack the motivation and willpower to even get started
  3.  I'm too much of a perfectionist to be comfortable with doing something subpar or mediocre, even though I'm bound to, considering my relative lack of experience and direction
  4.  I'm not entirely sure I can do this on my own, and there are areas that where I lack where a friend might be proficient

So yeah, in short, I'm looking for a good friend with whom I can brainstorm and collaborate with,

to be the George Beard to my Harold Hutchins or the Mike Chapman to my Matt Chapman. (does anyone get that analogy? if not, then maybe "The Tom to my Edd") 

None of the friends I've met In real life can fill that role seeing as they're too occupied with school or simply don't care. I hardly even see them that often in the first place.

I'm looking for somebody with a skill level (and age) equal to, slightly above, or below my own. I'm good at drawing and character design, decent at music, and as for animation, I'm not sure seeing as I've done hardly any but it's looking pretty good so far. I could use help with writing, voice-acting (voice impressions can only take you so far), and if can animate at all that's also great. 

If you need my help, I'm willing to help, and I want to because I'll take any experience/publicity I can get.

But If you just want a friend like I do, then you're more than welcome to PM me.

Hoping for something at least okay, Myker 'SillyDouglas' Hingston


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I'm an audio guy, but I hope we could still be friends!

okay, but do you have any special skills? i looked at your prof and it seems that all you do is favorite audio. if not, I can help cultivate a skill of some kind.

Awaiting a device I need to make music, I will start when it arrives